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Case Studies

Success Stories: Real-world Case Studies of

Our PCB Solutions.

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Why Work With Us?

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Look At Our
Results Below

No other PCB manufacturers have a track record like ours. 


We go beyond just custom PCB Manufacturing and Assembly. We help our clients create better products, get faster manufacturing and skyrocket their sales with our PCB Mastery Framework. 


Our clients vouch for us.

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We Produce
Tangible Results

Our electronic prototype development services ensure that your designs are optimized for performance, reliability, and manufacturability, helping you bring your products to market quickly and efficiently.


Businesses we've helped have received venture funding, closed 6-figure deals, and went on to sell their finished products globally.

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Our Team Is Made Up

Of Engineers

Our team is made up of professional engineers with total combined experience of 50+ years across many industries.


Our team of experienced PCB designers can help you create electronic board designs that meet your specific requirements, from simple circuit boards to complex systems with multiple layers and components.

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Heat Recovery Hot Water System

Daikin’s HRHW System is a revolutionary and energy-efficient method of heating water. In a collaboration with Daikin, our engineers worked together to co-develop 500 units of this system that currently is used in luxury residences such as Marina One Residences. With this system, you can save up to 94% of your energy consumption by recovering waste heat as energy to heat hot water.


Pillow That Wakes You Up When The Market Swings

We have partnered with one of the biggest exchanges to create 300 pieces of the unique Moon Pillow. The Moon Pillow is a groundbreaking smart pillow designed to wake you up silently when the market swings so you can rest easy.

Our team took care of the manufacturing from start to end including: PCB layout, PCB board design, PCB fabrication and PCB assembly.

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Cyborg Search-And-Rescue Cockroach

Our intensive R&D with NTU professors and researchers has resulted in a revolutionary new tool to overcome the limitations of human rescuers. The cyborg cockroach is an insect-based autonomous rescue robot which uses real-time IR imaging, acoustic communications and navigation sensors located on backpacks worn by the insects. When deployed, this system allows rescuers to control the insect's movement and can tell human and non-human subjects apart, with 87 per cent accuracy. 

As a PCB prototype manufacturer, we have to utilise flex PCB in the design of this project.


Sanitising COVID-19 Mask Pouch

We invented and fabricated limited quantities of this UV sanitising mask pouch. Our pouch sanitiser is the first of its kind, offering convenience and protection at the same time. Through a revolutionary new design, our pouch sanitiser is lab-tested to be able  to kill 99% of viruses on your mask in just under one minute so that you can reuse your mask more often. It is automatically activated by just putting your mask in the pouch.

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Discover the steps to creating a well-thought out product idea

We'll identify what needs to change and what steps

need to be taken to help you reach those goals.

What Our Clients Say

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I have been working with Promax for a few months on several projects. They are very professional and I am always impressed with their work. Mr Yeo and his team are helpful and show professionalism. They are able to respond and fabricate the PCB quickly even in the event of COVID-19. If you happen to be looking to develop your product, you should talk with Promax!

Marcus Wong

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We have been working with Promax for more than a year. They are very professional, work fast and efficient. I will definitely recommend them to anyone who wish to have their PCB made. We have also worked with other PCB manufacturers in the past (local ones), but none of them could match the quality and service like Promax.

Ming Yi Koh

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I have been working with Mr Yeo and his team for a while now, they are very professional and fast in response. There was an urgent request that I had to be done on time, and Mr Yeo and his team have been helping me to finish the PCB as soon as possible. I would recommend Promax for you if you need any help for your idea or product.

Rajesh Krishnan

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