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Our Services

Our services include custom circuit board maker, printed circuit board assembly, PCB prototype service and PCB design and development.

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Research and Product Development

We are among the rare PCB manufacturing companies in Singapore that will help you to plan and develop your products, services, technology and processes. In addition to producing new products, Promax Technology Integration R&D can also be used to improve an existing product or service with added functionality leading to the discovery of a brand new product, product line or service.

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Reverse Engineering

We can take your sample, including parts and reverse engineer it completely. In order to make duplicates, we can recreate all the data that you will need. We can even reverse engineer boards that include ICs, custom PCB parts, obsolete or are programmed. Not only do we repair the PCB, we can also copy and close your printed circuit board or upgrade your hardware and software.

Market Research and Analysis

Market research and analysis involve gathering and evaluating data on market trends, customer preferences, and competitive landscapes. Through techniques like surveys, interviews, and data analysis, businesses gain insights to make informed decisions, develop effective strategies, and identify opportunities for growth in dynamic market environments.

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Product Testing

Product testing is a critical phase in the product development process that ensures product performance, quality, and safety. Through various testing methods, such as functionality testing, durability testing, and user testing, potential issues and flaws are identified and addressed, resulting in improved product reliability and customer satisfaction.

Casing and Housing Mould

Casing and housing mold design involves creating customized enclosures for electronic devices. It encompasses designing the shape, size, and structure of the casing or housing to provide protection, aesthetics, and functionality, ensuring a seamless integration of components and enhancing the overall user experience of the product.

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Turn-key Solutions

"Turnkey" refers to any good or service offered to the customer in a form that is ready for immediate use. Turnkey means that Promax Technology Integration manages all facets of PCB solutions as applicable to PCB assembly including component sourcing and PCB production, choosing and installing components on the custom PCBs at specific locations. Basically, the complete turnkey PCB implementation allows the purchasing company to concentrate on PCB design while we do the rest.

PCB Layout Design

PCB layout design is the process of arranging electronic components and routing electrical connections on a printed circuit board. It involves careful consideration of signal integrity, power distribution, thermal management, and manufacturability to ensure reliable performance and efficient production of electronic devices.

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PCB Assembly

Our custom PCB assembly is followed by our high-quality production and delivery of parts. We populate your PCB with components that are either sourced through you or our partners. Once the assembly phase is done, we carry out thorough tests to ensure that your PCB is consistent with the designs. This involves quick and inexpensive tests. Being an expert (Printed Circuit Board)PCB board maker, we deliver a complete turnkey PCB prototype that saves you time, money and difficulty with a one-stop solution.

Promax Technology Integration is a one-stop solution for your PCB associated requirements, whether you require PCB assembly services, PCB design and development or PCB fabrication in Singapore. We know printed circuit
hoards are unique to every company's products

PCB Fabrication

PCB fabrication is the manufacturing process of producing printed circuit boards. It involves translating the PCB design into physical boards by etching copper layers, applying solder mask and silk screen, drilling holes, and plating through-hole connections. This precise and controlled process ensures the production of high-quality and functional PCBs for electronic devices.

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Component Sourcing

Component sourcing is the strategic process of identifying, evaluating, and acquiring electronic components required for product manufacturing. It involves supplier selection, price negotiation, quality assessment, and ensuring timely availability of components, ensuring smooth production and minimizing risks associated with supply chain disruptions.

  • PCB Layout Design
    High Layer Count PCB Mixed-Signal Design High-Speed Design Micro-BGA and BGA Matched Length Traces Embedded Resistor COB Rigid Flex Design RF Design Blind, Buried, and Micro Via High-Power Circuit Design High-Density Design Controlled Impedance for Single Ended and Differential EMI/EMC Compliance HDI Technology Flex Design MCM
  • PCB Fabrication
    Rigid, Flex, Rigid-Flex Up to 50 Layers Board thickness 0.25 ~ 3.20mm Aspect Ratio 30:1 Laminates - Roger, Nelco, Arlon, Isola, Sheng Yi, Doosan, ITEQ, Taconic, TUC, Megatron, ThinFlex, Dupont Min. via (mech) 6mils, min. via (laser) 4mils Via in pad (plated shut), Blind/Buried Via Edge plating (half-hole) Impedance control up to ± 5% Soldermask registration 2mils (min) Electrical Test (jig/flying-probe), Solderability Test (IR Reflow), Thermal Stress Test (288°C), Micro-Section Analysis, Ionic Contamination Test, Hi-Pot Test, TDR Measurement, SM/SS Peeling Test Prototype, NPI, HMLV build Board size 24” x 31” max Copper Thickness up ⅓ ~ 6oz Type of PCB - FR4, High-Tg FR4, Halogen-Free, High Temp PCB, Aluminium PCB, PI, Telfon, Hybrid Min. trace width/gap 3/3mils Via plugging/filling (non-conductive, conductive) Back-drill depth tolerance 8mil (min) HDI up to 4+4+4, ALIVH (Any-Layer) HASL, LF-HASL, ENIG, Immersion Silver/Tin, ENEPIG, OSP/Entek, Hard/Flash/Electrolytic Gold, Soft Bondable Gold, Carbon Soldermask green, red, blue, black, purple, orange, yellow Country of Manufacturer – Taiwan, Korea, China, Vietnam, Singapore, USA
  • Component Sourcing
    Cut Tape/ Loose Form Avnet, Arrow, Future, Direct Manufacturing, Etc. Prototype/ NPI Full BOM Productions Lead Time Buy (back-order stock available) Online Component Stockists Reel Tape/ Tube/ Tray Form Element 14, Digikey, Mouser, Etc. High-Mix Low Volume Stock Buy (online stock available) Authorised Component Distributors Certificate of Conformance (CoC) available
  • Assembly
    Rigid , Flex, Rigid-Flex SMT IR Reflow (up to 9+2 zones) Manual Hand-Soldering Pick & Place 0201 case size BGA Rework/Reballing Automated Optical Inspection Board Size 50x50 ~ 420x380mm Functional Circuit Testing (FCT) Prototype /NPI Production QFP, QFN, BGA, CSP, Fine Pitch Manual Hand Soldering Process Prototype, NPI, HMLV volume build SMT Vapor-Phase Soldering Wave Soldering Lead(Pb)-Free Compliant Stencil Laser Cut/E-Form Min BGA Pitch 0.4mm 2D X-Ray Imaging Inspection Country of Manufacturer - Singapore, Malaysia, Korea High-Mix, Low-Vol Production SMT Reflow Lead-Free Process Ball Grid Array (BGA) Rework

What Our Clients Say

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I have been working with Promax for a few months on several projects. They are very professional and I am always impressed with their work. Mr Yeo and his team are helpful and show professionalism. They are able to respond and fabricate the PCB quickly even in the event of COVID-19. If you happen to be looking to develop your product, you should talk with Promax!

Marcus Wong

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We have been working with Promax for more than a year. They are very professional, work fast and efficient. I will definitely recommend them to anyone who wish to have their PCB made. We have also worked with other PCB manufacturers in the past (local ones), but none of them could match the quality and service like Promax.

Ming Yi Koh

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I have been working with Mr Yeo and his team for a while now, they are very professional and fast in response. There was an urgent request that I had to be done on time, and Mr Yeo and his team have been helping me to finish the PCB as soon as possible. I would recommend Promax for you if you need any help for your idea or product.

Rajesh Krishnan

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