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Develop, Manufacture, and Launch - all in one package

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Our Plans

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Design Working Package


Let us help you resolve design and technology roadblocks.

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Test Build Package


Let us help you build a simple prototype to tackle design problems.

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Proof of Concept Package


Let us build a working prototype of your product idea for a pilot run before developing a final marketable version

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Full Development Package


Leave the full product development to us and let us help you transform your idea into a market-ready product.

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PCB Fabrication Service

Promax provides printed circuit board (PCB) fabrication service as a value-added service on top of our core electronic engineering design.


You can send in your Gerber files for a quotation,or instant ordering from our special price offer for your PCB prototypes.

You can also check out our electronic design service if you are looking for a professional PCB prototype design.

Quick Ordering for PCB Prototype Fabrication Service

We are offering a standard pricing, especially for simple PCB prototypes. Choose from the 3x size options, one that fits your PCB size and PCB specification.

You can place your order directly. We will contact you for your gerber files.

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PCB board size limit (Max)

Standard Price For A Quantity Of 5 Pcs


50mm x 50mm

$75 +GST

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40 x 50mm

100mm x 50mm

$85 +GST

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pcb-fabrication-size-2a 6.png

50 x 56mm, 42 x 56mm

100mm x 100mm

$195 +GST

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pcb-fabrication-size-2a 8.png
pcb-fabrication-size-2a 7.png

77 x 80mm, 80 x 80mm, 52 x 85mm

Prices are subject to project complexity

Need help getting started? Get a personalized recommendation.

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Market Research and Analysis

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Reverse Engineering 

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Product Improvement 

What Our Clients Say

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I have been working with Promax for a few months on several projects. They are very professional and I am always impressed with their work. Mr Yeo and his team are helpful and show professionalism. They are able to respond and fabricate the PCB quickly even in the event of COVID-19. If you happen to be looking to develop your product, you should talk with Promax!

Marcus Wong

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We have been working with Promax for more than a year. They are very professional, work fast and efficient. I will definitely recommend them to anyone who wish to have their PCB made. We have also worked with other PCB manufacturers in the past (local ones), but none of them could match the quality and service like Promax.

Ming Yi Koh

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I have been working with Mr Yeo and his team for a while now, they are very professional and fast in response. There was an urgent request that I had to be done on time, and Mr Yeo and his team have been helping me to finish the PCB as soon as possible. I would recommend Promax for you if you need any help for your idea or product.

Rajesh Krishnan

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