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PCB Design

In Just 90 Days Without Dealing with Uncertainty, Manufacturing Delays, or Unreliable Suppliers!

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Promax Technology Integration Singapore is a Designer, Manufacturer, and Consultant for Electronic Products.

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With over 24 years of experience in providing PCB assembly services, we understand what is required to deliver the best quality product to meet customer demands. This includes both full turn-key PCB assembly and partial turn-key assembly services.

Why Us

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Tangible Results

We go beyond just custom PCB Manufacturing and Assembly. We help our clients create better products, get faster manufacturing and skyrocket their sales with our PCB Mastery Framework. Businesses we've helped have received venture funding, closed 6-figure deals, and went on to sell their finished products globally.

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We are constantly pushing the boundaries of PCB technology, exploring new materials, and developing new techniques to improve the performance of our products. We are always searching for innovative ways to improve our designs, and we are never satisfied with the status quo. When you choose us, you can be sure that you will receive the most cutting-edge PCB solutions available.

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Our team is made up of experts in the field of PCB design and development. With decades of combined experience, we are capable of handling projects of any size and complexity. Whether you need a simple prototype or a fully customized PCB solution, we have the skills and expertise to deliver outstanding results.

PCB Assembly

Promax Technology Integration offers complete printed circuit board assembly services in Singapore. Being a one-stop solution for all the printed circuit board manufacturing services, we offer capabilities ranging from SMT (Surface Mount Technology) to Chip On Board (COB). In addition, you will get limitless capabilities for your PCB prototype/production with our PCB assembly services.

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Full Turn-Key Assembly

Promax Technology Integration provides turn-key assembly services, which means we will take care of everything from start to end and deliver the best products according to your business needs. You only need to send us the designs. We will manage the rest, including ordering the components, installing the elements on the PCB at specific locations, and delivering the final product. Our experts will produce the perfect PCB with fast turnarounds.

Partial Turn-Key Assembly

Partial turn-key services mean you can order the parts or components of the printed circuit board, and we will take care of the rest of the process. The purchasing company can offer us the parts or components, and we will take care of quality inspection, its assembly, and finally, the shipment process.

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Hire the Best PCB Assembly Services in Singapore

Whenever you need PCB fabrication and PCB prototype assembly services in Singapore - in short, medium or long runs, we can offer the desired PCBs in your preferred designs and go through the assembly process together according to your specifications. Whether you have any PCB associated needs, get a solution of all PCB associated needs under one roof with Promax Technology Integration. We are a professional PCB assembly company, and we offer PCB services more than an average PCB assembly at different stages of your PCB product design and development.

What Our Clients Say

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I have been working with Promax for a few months on several projects. They are very professional and I am always impressed with their work. Mr Yeo and his team are helpful and show professionalism. They are able to respond and fabricate the PCB quickly even in the event of COVID-19. If you happen to be looking to develop your product, you should talk with Promax!

Marcus Wong

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We have been working with Promax for more than a year. They are very professional, work fast and efficient. I will definitely recommend them to anyone who wish to have their PCB made. We have also worked with other PCB manufacturers in the past (local ones), but none of them could match the quality and service like Promax.

Ming Yi Koh

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I have been working with Mr Yeo and his team for a while now, they are very professional and fast in response. There was an urgent request that I had to be done on time, and Mr Yeo and his team have been helping me to finish the PCB as soon as possible. I would recommend Promax for you if you need any help for your idea or product.

Rajesh Krishnan

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