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PCB Layout Design

  • High Layer Count PCB

  • Blind, Buried, and Micro Via

  • Mixed-Signal Design

  • High-Power Circuit Design

  • High-Speed Design

  • High-Density Design

  • Micro-BGA and BGA

  • Controlled Impedance for Single Ended and Differential

  • Matched Length Traces

  • EMI/EMC Compliance

  • Embedded Resistor

  • HDI Technology

  • COB

  • Flex Design

  • Rigid Flex Design

  • MCM

  • RF Design

PCB Fabrication

  • Rigid, Flex, Rigid-Flex

  • Prototype, NPI, HMLV build

  • Up to 50 Layers

  • Board size 24” x 31” max

  • Board thickness 0.25 ~ 3.20mm

  • Copper Thickness up ⅓ ~ 6oz

  • Aspect Ratio 30:1

  • Type of PCB - FR4, High-Tg FR4, Halogen-Free, High Temp PCB, Aluminium PCB, PI, Telfon, Hybrid

  • Laminates - Roger, Nelco, Arlon, Isola, Sheng Yi, Doosan, ITEQ, Taconic, TUC, Megatron, ThinFlex, Dupont

  • Min. trace width/gap 3/3mils

  • Min. via (mech) 6mils, min. via (laser) 4mils

  • Via plugging/filling (non-conductive, conductive)

  • Via in pad (plated shut), Blind/Buried Via

  • Back-drill depth tolerance 8mil (min)

  • Edge plating (half-hole)

  • HDI up to 4+4+4, ALIVH (Any-Layer)

  • Impedance control up to ± 5%

  • HASL, LF-HASL, ENIG, Immersion Silver/Tin, ENEPIG, OSP/Entek, Hard/Flash/Electrolytic Gold, Soft Bondable Gold, Carbon

  • Soldermask registration 2mils (min)

  • Soldermask green, red, blue, black, purple, orange, yellow

  • Electrical Test (jig/flying-probe), Solderability Test (IR Reflow), Thermal Stress Test (288°C), Micro-Section Analysis, Ionic Contamination Test, Hi-Pot Test, TDR Measurement, SM/SS Peeling Test

  • Country of Manufacturer – Taiwan, Korea, China, Vietnam, Singapore, USA


Component Sourcing

  • Cut Tape/ Loose Form

  • Reel Tape/ Tube/ Tray Form

  • Avnet, Arrow, Future, Direct Manufacturing, Etc.

  • Element 14, Digikey, Mouser, Etc.

  • Prototype/ NPI

  • High-Mix Low Volume

  • Full BOM Productions

  • Stock Buy (online stock available)

  • Lead Time Buy (back-order stock available)

  • Authorised Component Distributors

  • Online Component Stockists

  • Certificate of Conformance (CoC) available



  • Rigid , Flex, Rigid-Flex

  • Prototype, NPI, HMLV volume build

  • SMT IR Reflow (up to 9+2 zones)

  • SMT Vapor-Phase Soldering

  • Manual Hand-Soldering

  • Wave Soldering

  • Pick & Place 0201 case size

  • Lead(Pb)-Free Compliant

  • BGA Rework/Reballing

  • Stencil Laser Cut/E-Form

  • Automated Optical Inspection

  • Min BGA Pitch 0.4mm

  • Board Size 50x50 ~ 420x380mm

  • 2D X-Ray Imaging Inspection

  • Functional Circuit Testing (FCT)

  • Country of Manufacturer - Singapore, Malaysia, Korea

  • Prototype /NPI Production

  • High-Mix, Low-Vol Production

  • QFP, QFN, BGA, CSP, Fine Pitch

  • SMT Reflow Lead-Free Process

  • Manual Hand Soldering Process

  • Ball Grid Array (BGA) Rework


R&D for new and customised products

R&D covers businesses' growth efforts and launch of new products and services. Research and development (R&D) includes The creation process is always the first step.

Reverse engineering

We can take your sample, including parts and reverse engineer it completely. In order to make duplicates, we can create all the data that you will need. We can even reverse engineer boards that include ICs, custom PCB parts, obsolete or are programmed. Not only do we repair the PCB, we can also copy and close your printed circuit board or upgrade your hardware and software.

Membrane fabrication

Casing and housing mould

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