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Promax PCB Technology Integration


Promax PCB is a full-service (Printed Circuit Board) PCB company in Singapore. We strive to provide high-quality PCB products and PCB services, which includes PCB fabrication, layout design, assembly, component sourcing and more. Being a top PCB manufacturer in Singapore, our highly qualified team can take charge of all your PCB needs, from developing high-tech PCB prototypes to enabling full-scale PCB production. 

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Products & Services


Impedance Control PCB


Buried & Blind Holes PCB

Impedance management consists of calculating the impedance of such traces and ensuring that they are under the limits provided by the designer when the PCB is produced.  While it is costly, owing to the constantly rising frequencies of  electronic components, this technique became popular after the turn of the century.


Turn-key Solutions

The copper-plated holes in the printed circuit board that cause the layers to attach are called Vias. A through-hole via is considered the normal via, but there are many limitations of using through-hole vias in Surface Mount Technology (SMT). For this function, instead, we always use a blind via or buried via when making circuit boards. In a wide variety of different steps, a blind or buried via mask may be treated, including plugged copper mask via, plugged solder mask via, plated via or phased via.


Research & Product Development

In so many industries, including consumer electronics, medical, aerospace, telecommunications, army, automobile, wearables, IoT etc., multilayer PCBs can be supplied depending on their advantages. Promax Technology Integration, a Singapore-based PCB board manufacturer, has been working to offer high-quality multilayer PCBs with complete specification, cost and reduce lead time issues for consumers.


PCB Assembly

"Turnkey" refers to any good or service offered to the customer in a form that is ready for immediate use. Turnkey means that Promax Technology Integration manages all facets of PCB solutions as applicable to PCB assembly, including component sourcing and PCB production, choosing and installing components on the custom PCBs at specific locations. Basically, the complete turnkey PCB implementation allows the purchasing company to concentrate on PCB design while we do the rest.

We are among the rare PCB manufacturing companies in Singapore that will help you to plan and develop your products, services, technology and processes. In addition to producing new products, Promax Technology Integration R&D can also be used to improve an existing product or service with added functionality leading to the discovery of a brand new product, product line or service.

Our custom PCB assembly is followed by our high-quality production and delivery of parts. We populate your PCB with components that are either sourced through you or our partners. Once the assembly phase is done, we carry out thorough tests to ensure that your PCB is consistent with the designs. This involves quick and inexpensive tests. Being an expert (Printed Circuit Board)PCB board maker, we deliver a complete turnkey PCB prototype that saves you time, money and difficulty with a one-stop solution.

Promax Technology Integration is a one-stop solution for all your PCB associated requirements, whether you require PCB assembly services, PCB design and development or PCB fabrication in Singapore. We know printed circuit boards are unique to every company’s products, and our highly qualified team specialises in its design assembly and in handling every aspect of the manufacturing process.


About Us

Since 1998, PROMAX TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATION PTE LTD has been a contract printed circuit board manufacturer with experience in engineering and project management in Singapore.

Our customers rely on us for full stack solutions backed by our deep expertise and strict attention to details,

We have a team of skilled engineers & technicians to support design, manufacture and assemble precision components for electrical & electronics products.

We are also ISO 9001: 2008 certified


Find out how we can help you to design, manufacture and assemble your custom PCB.


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Main Office:

Block 3014 Bedok Industrial Park E, #02-2152

Singapore 489980



Tel: +65 64875225

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Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm

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