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Order Custom PCB Online With Promax Technology Integration

Promax Technology Integration is a PCB manufacturer in Singapore that offers custom solutions which deliver on a client’s desired configuration and quality. You can fill in your specifications and get a quote to order custom PCB online with us. Being a leading circuit board maker, we know what it takes to provide excellent customer support and high-quality boards. We continuously improve ourselves to meet customer expectations, from competitive pricing of high-quality boards to every aspect of an excellent service. 


Promax Technology Integration Unique Features 


Promax Technology Integration was established in 1998 and works continuously with a dedicated team of professionals to serve our clients the best PCB services worldwide. With over 24 years of experience in engineering and project management, we became a prominent PCB manufacturer in Singapore. Here are the three features of Promax Technology Integration that make us unique from any average PCB company . 


One-Stop Solution

We offer all PCB products and services, including custom PCB development, PCB assembly, impedance Control PCB, turnkey solutions, multi-layer PCB, buried and blind holes PCB, and research & product development.


Easy Process

Manufacturing and getting PCB services is not so complex with Promax Technology Integration. You only need to connect with us online and get a quote instantly, or you can visit our main office too.   


Reliable Solutions

Promax Technology Integration delivers reliable solutions that match your requirements, and you will get customer support with us. If you find the product/service inappropriate, you can call us and report your problem.  


Customer PCB Manufacturer - Promax Technology Integration


We know ready-made PCBs are not fit for every need, and it generates the need for a custom circuit board maker who can manufacture custom PCBs according to your needs and desired specification that suits your requirements. But don’t worry, the search for your custom PCB manufacturer ends with Promax Technology Integration. You will get a solution for all your concerns associated with printed circuit boards with us.


Order Custom PCB Online

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